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An overview of different citation styles with links to outside resources.


To learn more about plagiarism check out our Plagiarism and Academic Integrity Subject Research Guide.

          A tutorial form UNC libraries defining plagiarism, both intentional and inadvertent.

         Here the University of Purdue OWL provides a flowchart to help students understand when citations are necessary.

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Citation Styles Overview

There are many different citation styles that are used for academic papers. Below is a brief summary of citation styles used in various disciplines.

  • APA: used in psychology and the social sciences.
  • MLA: used in English and the humanities.
  • Chicago: used in history and some humanities.
  • Turabian: used in history and some humanities.
  • SBL Handbook: used in Ancient Near Eastern, Biblical, and early Christian studies.
  • AMA: used in medicine, health sciences, and science.
  • AP (Associated Press): used in journalism, communications, and news.
  • IEEE: used in engineering, computer science, and information technology.
  • Bluebook: used in law.

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