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PERF 5401 (Grist): 2. Literature Search/ Comprehensive Search

This must conduct a Scoping Review. You will find information about Scoping Reviews in the guide.


Grey Literature

Literature/reports published outside of traditional commercial publishing. This can include government reports, conference proceedings, graduate dissertations, unpublished clinical trials, etc.

~Chapter 4.3.5 of Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions


-   Think about who is interested in your topic and where they might talk. For example, If government agencies = look for government reports,  and think about professional associations à their conferences = conference papers.   

Example of Search Strategy

Boolean Searching Commands


Retrieve sources with both words.


The database will retrieve sources with either word.


Excludes a keyword from your search.

( )  Combines OR groups. This is called “nesting.” (pediatric OR child OR adolescent) AND obesity 
" " Connect Phrases.   head injury

Truncate to allow for multiple variations on the end of a word stem. Intubat* = intubation, intubating, intubate