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Theatre: Books

Selected Theatre Books

Library of Congress Classification

PN1560-1590 The Performing Arts.  Show business

PN 1600-1999 Motion Pictures

PN 1600-3307 Drama

PN1993-1999 Motion Pictures

PN2000-3307 Dramatic Representation. Theater

PN2061-2071 Art of Acting

PN2085-2091 The Stage and Accessories

PN2131-2193 By Period

PN 2131-2145 Ancient

PN2152-2160 Medieval

PN2171-2179 Renaissance

PN2181-2193 Modern

PN2219.3-3030 Special Regions or Countries

PN3035 The Jewish Theater

PN3151-3171 Amateur Theater

PN3175-3191 College and School Theatricals

PN3203-3299 Tableaux, Pagents, "Happenings," 

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