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Faculty Resources

A guide to Faculty Resources available from Beaman Library.

UAC/GAC Library Holdings Process

If you are proposing new curriculum in the form of a new course or new program, you must submit the corresponding form to your library representative assigned to your committe.

The GAC library representative is currently Ellen Marshall. Email the completed form to

The UAC library representative is currently Jules LeFort. Email the completed form to

For this process, the library will need:

  • Course titles and descriptions
  • Expected research levels by enrolled students
  • Expected enrollment numbers
  • The proposer's recommendation for library resources
  • Format preferences

Submitters should find entries for all of the above on the forms provided. If you do not have the above information, you are not ready to move forward in the proposal process at this time and the library will not be able to provide a recommendation.

Proposers can expect the following timeline of events:

  • Within five (5) business days of the proposer contacting their library representative, Ellen or Jules will research library resources and write their preliminary recommendation
  • By the end of that same five (5) business days, Ellen or Jules will schedule a 30-60 minute meeting with the proposer and possibly also the library director to discuss the sufficiency of library resources, initial and ongoing costs, and potential increases
  • After this meeting, the corresponding representative will email all those in attendance, plus the head of the committee, the library's official findings

Note, a singular course may not always require a meeting and may be handled on a case-by-case basis.