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Faculty Resources

A guide to Faculty Resources available from Beaman Library.

Accessing eResources from Off Campus

Tips for accessing Beaman Library eResources Off-campus

1. Always begin a search for eResources at Beaman Library's homepage. In order to access eResources, we have to verify you are a Lipscomb user and are allowed to use these resources. If you do not start searching for items from Beaman Library's homepage, we cannot verify you are a Lipscomb user and you will experience access issues. 

2. Before you are allowed to view Beaman Library's eResources, you will need to "authenticate" as a Lipscomb user. You will be asked to supply a username and password. The username is the first part of your email address (before the @ symbol), and the password is the password you created for MyLipscomb. 


3. Several databases and eResources also have personal account features that allow you to save your work or save articles to come back to later. Logging into a personal account is not the same thing as authenticating. If you attempt to go directly to a database or eResource and login without first starting at Beaman Library's homepage to access that database or eResource, you will still be unable to access content. 

If you continue to have difficulty accessing eResources off-campus, please contact Britt Mountford