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Nutrition Faculty Scholarship by Year

Sneed, N. M., Ukwuani, S., Sommer, E. C., Samuels, L. R., Truesdale, K. P., Matheson, D., Noerper, T. E., Barkin, S. L., & Heerman, W. J. (2023). Reliability and validity of assigning ultraprocessed food categories to 24-h dietary recall data. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 117(1), 182-190.


Heerman WJ, Sneed NM, Sommer EC, et al. Ultra-processed food consumption and BMI-Z among children at risk for obesity from low-income households. Pediatric Obesity. 2023; e13037. DOI: 10.1111/ijpo.13037


Noerper, T. E., Elmore, M. R., Hickman, R. B., & Shea, M. T. (2022). Food Insecurity: Child Care Programs’ Perspectives. Maternal and Child Health Journal, 26(2), 309-318.