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Find all items on reserve for all courses and links to subject specific reserves guides. Find out what has been placed on reserve for your course and see if it is currently available.

Library Reserves

Library reserves are materials that have been selected by your instructors and made available to you through Beaman Library.

Materials on reserve may include:

  • Textbook Solution Manuals
  • Textbook Study Guides
  • Practice exams
  • Supplemental Readings (articles, book chapters, etc.)
  • Films

Reserve materials may have any of the following check-out loan periods. The loan periods are determined by your instructor.

  • One (1) hour (Library Use Only--may not be removed from the Library)
  • Two (2) hours (Library Use Only--may not be removed from the Library)
  • One (1) day
  • Two (2) days
  • Seven (7) days


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