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Collaborative Conversations: On Immigration: Wholly Hospitable

Collaborative Conversations is a series of community conversations, open to the public, faculty and students, centered on relevant issues of common interest, hosted by the College of Leadership & Public Service at Lipscomb University each fall.

Framing Thought

Contemplate the mandates that compel or constrain our community response to persons immigrating to our community.

Legal Mandates

What are the differences between immigrant and refugee status in terms of definition, process for entry, and jurisdictional control?

What are DACA and DAPA?

What is H.R.4038 - American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act of 2015 and what does it do?

Moral Mandates

What does social justice require?

How does the Church respond in terms of its understanding of the prophetic imperative?

Church World Service letter to Congress urging support for Syrian refugees

Evangelical Immigration Table - Syrian Refugee Letter