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Bible: Books

Library of Congress Classification

BL1-2790 Religions. Mythology. Rationalism 

BL74-99 Religions of the world

BL175-265 Natural theology

BL300-325 The myth. Comparative mythology

BL425-490 Religious doctrines

BL500-547 Eschatology

BL624-629.5 Religious life 

BL660-2680 History and principles of religions

BM1-990 Judaism

BP1-610 Islam. Bahai Faith. Theosophy

BQ1-9800 Buddhism

BR1-1725 Christianity

BR60-67 Early Christian literature.

BR140-1510 History

BR1690-1725 Biography

BS1-2970 The Bible

BS410-680 Works about the Bible

BS701-1830 Old Testament

BS1901-2970 New Testament

BT10-1480 Doctrinal Theology

BT19-37 Doctrine and dogma

BT98-180 God

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