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EG 5063 Building Classroom Communities: Course Outline for Fall 2016

This class includes discussion around ways students identify so that safer, more inclusive, equitable, and responsive classrooms can be built. Some resources for furthering that goal are contained here.


We Belong to Each Other, Better Together

Essential Questions: How does my classroom management increase student outcomes?  How does my classroom management inclusively develop safety, trust, communication, shared high expectations, connectedness and equity to help students and families realize their potentials, goals and dreams?

Transfer Goals:

  • Influential teachers are intentional in building relationships with all students, families, and colleagues.

  • Influential teachers skillfully craft systems to ensure student success.

  • Influential teachers are aware of how biases and power impact relationships and learning.

  • Influential teachers reflect on experiences to grow for their students.   

Family Communication & Engagement

Steps and Plans for Building Equitable, Inclusive, Responsive, and Effective School Communities

Teaching Tolerance’s Culturally Sensitive Communication reminds us, “The following guidelines can help schools avoid communication pitfalls and support teacher-family relationships built on respect:

  • Assume good intentions, and approach all families as partners who want the best for their children.

  • Invite parents or guardians to share knowledge about their students’ lives, interests, hopes and struggles.

  • Invite parents or guardians to share information about family cultures and traditions.

  • Recognize and respect differences in family structures.

  • Recognize the role that identity and background may play in shaping relationships between teachers and families.

  • Bring a sense of self-reflectiveness and cultural humility to all conversations and interactions.

View linguistic, cultural and family diversity as strengths” (n.d., para. 2-3).

Subject Guide

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