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EG5083 Research in Classroom Practice--Fall 2015--Course Guide: Books

A course guide for EG 5083--Research in Classroom Practice--Fall 2015

Selected Education Books

Library of Congress Classification

L7-991 Education

LA5-2396 History of education

LB5-3640 Theory and practice of education

LB2300-2430 Higher education

LB2799-2799.3 Educational consultants and consulting 

LB2801-3095 School administration and organization 

LB3201-3325 School architecture and equipment. School physical facilities. 
          Campus planning

LC8-6691 Special aspects of education 

LC65-245 Social aspects of education

LC251-951 Moral and religious education 

LC980-1099.5 Types of education 

LC1200-1203 Inclusive education 

LC1390-5160.3 Education of special classes of persons

LC5161-5163 Fundamental education 

LC5201-6660.4 Education extension. Adult education. Continuing education

LC6681 Education and travel 

LC6691 Traveling educational exhibits

LD13-7501 Individual institutions

Subject Guide

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